Available Dogs

We have no adults available at this time, please check back for updates.

Just like our puppies, we are careful about choosing forever homes for our retired show or breeding dogs.  We are grateful for the contribution these dogs have made to Litilann’s and we take the choosing of their retirement homes very seriously.  Each of these dogs is entitled to a safe and loving home, so please do not be offended when we interview you in depth both on the phone and in person. We place retired dogs because we believe they have earned a spot with family of their very own. Retired Litilann dogs have gone on to become cherished family members who participate in a range of activities.  Some are competition grooming dogs, well loved by their owners who excel in this challenging field.  Some do performance work successfully as well.  Mostly, they are great companions and bed warmers.  Just as we have many questions for you, please don’t hesitate to share your questions and concerns with us.


Ann Rairigh


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