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We have no puppies available that this time.  Please check back for updates.

We are extremely careful about choosing homes for our puppies. We brought these wonderful, loving and trusting creatures into the world, and we have a commitment and responsibility to them. Every puppy is entitled to a long, happy, safe, and healthy life with a loving family, so please do not be offended when we interview you in depth both on the phone and in person. We do this because we care so much about our poodles, not because we don't trust you. We assume that because you have come to Litilann's Poodles, you want a puppy bred and raised by someone who truly cares. We also assume that because you are looking for a lifelong family member, you will have many questions for us- and you should. Please ask us all the questions you need to, and for as much information as you require to make sure a Litilann puppy is right for your home and family.



Ann Rairigh


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